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Billionaire Trading Strategy

My name is Olanie J. I am a realtor who trades Futures, and I am the creator of the Billionaire Trading Strategy (BTS). I was first introduced to bitcoin, and later on, to the stock market when I started trading in 2014, and it quickly became a passion. Trading the stock market has revealed my personality as someone who loves challenges.
As the saying goes, in life, "we crawl, we walk, and then we run".
Starting out was not easy, so I took a specialized trading course, which was very helpful, as it taught me the foundational basics. From there, I took it upon myself to go beyond the basics and immerse myself into the world of stock trading!
I taught myself how to trade stocks, options and futures.
It was a struggle for me at the beginning as I lost more than I gained. There were so many times I wanted to walk away and quit but I remained steadfast, as I could visualize myself beyond my struggles, and saw how many people that I could help with this, and that alone renewed my faith each and everytime. and eventually I became consistent.
Trading could be easy, if only we did not overcomplicate it. Too much spaghetti on your chart can block your view of the real action that is happening on the chart. The most important indicator is price action because every other indicator follows it. The most challenging part of trading is mastering your mind. "Trading is 90% discipline and psychology, and only 10% skill and analysis." That's why risk management is the key to becoming a successful trader.
It is very important to be focused, disciplined and consistent. These three qualities are what will set you apart from the 95% of traders who quit. Keep it simple! Once I went back to the basics, I started to become a more profitable trader. This is why the Billionaire Trading strategy is taught in a very simple and straightforward manner. Don’t just watch the videos, practice and apply it daily. Enjoy!

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